About Gareth Scott Art


About Gareth Scott, his life, and his philosophy

I was born in South Africa in 1976. As a young boy I always loved drawing. and had the ability to do it well. I obviously inherited this trait from my Father, as he was an amazing artist and I often wished that I could paint and draw like him. Much later in High School in 1994 in Rustenburg, I swapped another subject to take Art, and with much perseverance and practice, I achieved a phenomenal result.

My Art teacher, before I left school, told me to keep up my work and to go and study Art at University, as I could be a brilliant artist one day. I never took her advice, but my passion still burns as strongly to this day. Later in 2001, after my Mom passed away, I decided to come to the United Kingdom. I had always wanted to see the Tate Gallery, and experience the culture that has so strongly supported and influenced the Art world.

I have always loved Art and been deeply inspired by it, and it's many Masters.
Following a 10 year travel break from art, I started exhibiting three years ago, and since then have sold over 70 paintings. I have also been featured in my local press, and on YouTube, after exhibiting at Mudeford Arts Fest in Dorset, The Metropolis Art gallery in Westbourne, near Sandbanks, and also at The Brick Lane Gallery in London, as part of the Art in Mind. Infatuation exhibition, after which one of my works represented the exhibition in the Wall Street International Art Magazine. (Click the link to see it.)
It's now my burning desire to make my art my lifelong career.

My Philosophy
Art is all about a different point of view. I love and have been intrigued and inspired by the entire spectrum of Artists from Jackson Pollock to Picasso, right through to Banksy, and ultimately Salvador Dali.

I don't have any particular genre or theme to which I can classify my work. It is random - but engrossing. Art is a spontaneous individual's original creation influenced by something sensationally powerful. Always pushing the boundaries, remembering the past Masters who inspired an idea. Reinvent and reuse them to revive old inspiration as a tribute, but also to influence and inspire others in the future..

After all, Art is the past, the present and the future...
Its always been, and always will be, about a different point of view.