• Gareth Scott Art


    These images are just to give a taste of Gareth's wide ranging work.
    Bigger images can be seen by visiting the Portfolio page. (Some works may no longer be available.)
    This is Slumped Nude

  • Albert Einstein


    Just one of many portraits of famous people from all walks of life.

  • Cadillac


    Gareth's paintings of classic vehicles - both cars and motor bikes - are extremely popular.

  • Delirious Dali


    The character and spirit of Dali is captured brilliantly in this painting.

  • Ballerina


    This stunning painting shows how Gareth's wide ranging skills can capture a mood in addition to the realism of celebrity images.

  • Hendrix and Monroe


    Stunning paintings of celebrities, such as these of Jimi Hendrix and Marylin Monroe, are extremely popular.

  • Starting to make an impact


    This large spread in the Bournemouth press appeared after Gareth displayed his work at a local show.

  • Kurt Cobain and David Bowie


    The brilliant use of shade helps capture the character of his subjects.

  • Andy Warhol and James Bond


    Posters or portraits. Gareth produces such a wide range of work.

  • Sunflowers and Pollock like Poppies


    Stunning artwork of flowers. Painted with vibrant acrylics.

  • Classic Chevrolet


    Capturing the spirit of classic old vehicles.



Welcome to Gareth Scott Art!


Born in South Africa in 1976, Gareth. always loved drawing, even as a young boy, a love probably inherited from his talented father.
Much later at the age of 15, while at Rustenburg High School, Gareth dropped a subject to take an arts course.
A good choice, as he achieved excellent results.

before leaving school, his art teacher told him to go to university to study further, as his talent was clear to see.  Advice that was not taken, despite the burning passion for the subject.
In 2001, after the death of his Mother, Gareth decided to come to the United Kingdom, as he wanted to see the Tate Gallery, and to experience the culture that had so strongly influenced the Art world for so long.

Although always influenced by the many Masters of past and present, he took a ten year break from exhibiting, until he finally started again three years ago.
Since then, his work has not only featured in press articles, and on YouTube, but he has sold well over 60 pieces, and now has a burning desire to make his art his lifelong career.


To read more about Gareth Scott, his life, and his philosophy, visit the About Gareth page

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